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A Christmas Quandary…

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What should I do? I guess only time will tell and I will find the way to where I’m supposed to be. As corny and “cliche” as that may sound, it’s the truth. But really, what would you do? Would you pick your real family over your new one? Or would you celebrate with the man that has genuinely supported you over the last two years? Yikes.

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Hints for Handling the Holidays Post Divorce (Hurvitz-Style!)

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Ahhhh, it’s that time of year again… The stores are packed with busy shoppers. Yards covered with inflatable Santas, snow globes, and other enlarged holiday favorites. Kids everywhere are making their holiday “wish lists” and parents are stressing about getting exactly what’s on them. Holidays are crazy, stressful and sometimes overwhelming. That time of year when even the easiest of …

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Why Don’t They Like Me?

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Kids love me. All kids. There is not a kid in the world that doesn’t. Look, do you know a kid? Put them in front of me and see if they love me. (No. Forget it. I already can tell you…they DO.)  All children think I’m the most amazing human being ever known to man. Except for my boyfriend’s kids. …

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Scared Shitless

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So, I have this tumor. (How’s that for an opening line to a blog post?) I have a tumor. Wow. Well, you know me! I’ve never been one for beating around the bush or sugar-coating stuff… I’m more of a “hold the bullshit” type of gal. (Wink, wink.) “It is not a tumor!” She says in her best Arnold Schwarzenegger …

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Happy Birthday To Me?

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So, last weekend I turned forty-six. Forty-fucking-six years old. (At forty-six I’m surprised I can even remember my age.) Honestly, last year after I turned forty-five everything went to shit. My eyes went blind, my bladder started leaking when I laughed, and my skin dried up like the Sahara Desert. For real! I couldn’t find a cream thick enough to …