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The Land of the Midnight Sun

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If you see me in the next couple of months, be kind. Take is easy on me, ok? Excuse my aloofness; my look of dismay. Forgive me if I seem out of sorts or a bit wonky… My oldest son, Jonah. is going to ALASKA for 48 days and I can’t do a damn thing to stop him! Yes, you …

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Truth is Power

In The Truth by dancedivajen3 Comments

This is not a “pity blog”. I’m not looking for calls or messages. I don’t want any cards or shout-outs about how “it could be worse” or “I’ve got this” because right about now, I don’t really agree. I don’t “have this” and it’s truly all relative. Oh, and by the way…I hate Google. Sorry, for those of you who …

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Shaken Families

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I feel validated. I feel like I can breathe. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I am not a horrible person and my life is going to be okay. I am NEVER blending families and I am proud AF to say it! And to be honest, until I had Rebecca Eckler, the author of the …

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Life Must Go On

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I can’t breathe. I can barely talk. I can hardly swallow…. But life must go on. Absolutely everything about being sick just sucks. When I was little, I used to “fake” sick so I could miss school or act sick so I could get out of certain things I didn’t want to do….like piano practice or lunch with my Grandma. …

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Why Co-parenting Isn’t For Everyone

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I read an interesting article the other day in a mommy blog I love and respect (and that I’ve written for in the past). The piece was smart, funny and honest. It talked about how co-parenting isn’t always as “positive” an experience for some as it is for others and that is “ok” to not do it. Hmmm, is it …

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In My Humble Opinion…

In The Truth, Top 3 by Jennifer2 Comments

It’s not an easy thing to do–to peel back the curtain between what you think divorce will be like and the shitshow it really is. (Because even when you have a happy divorce, it still turns absolutely everything upside down.) This book has not been easy to write and I KNOW it won’t be easy to hear. But it’s necessary and I felt compelled to do it.