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Jennifer Hurvitz

I believe that divorce doesn’t have to be a disaster.


If you put your bruised ego aside and make the conscious decision to be amicable... and just DO IT RIGHT. Just like a happy marriage takes work, so does a happy divorce. And there are moments where you are too hurt, too angry, and sometimes too depressed to believe that you’ll ever get your groove back.

That’s why I’m here.

As a Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS)™ , I help my clients deal with the loss of their marriage (and the life they thought they’d always have) in a healthy, positive and holistic way. I have the necessary communication skills and emotional management skills to better serve my divorcing clients. Being trained as a specialist in my field I stand out from the competition by understanding all aspects of divorce: legal, financial, mental health and emotional well-being. We will work through the emotional stages of divorce: denial, anger, resentment... and then moving forward to acceptance and hope. Divorce is not unlike a death; you will need to grieve in a way that is healthy to enable you to move forward to find true love and happiness again. It will take time, and that’s ok! 

Jennifer knows how to “do divorce right” and co-parenting is her specialty, even ask She has been quoted as an expert in the field.

Using a Relationship Coach Can...

Improve Communication Skills by
Improve Relationships by
Improve Self-Confidence by

Personal Coaching Programs

There are many different ways to work with me based on your needs. Below are a few of the packages I offer. Want to receive YOUR plan? Schedule a free discovery call with me to get a personalized package to meet your needs.

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Can’t seem to get your groove on? Need a jump start for your heart? This package could be right up your alley. I’ll help you get your groove back using some tough love and exercises to remind you what a flippin’ rockstar YOU are. I know that divorce can knock you on your ass... now let’s get you back on your feet and ready to date again!

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Back in the Saddle

If you’ve been divorced for over a year (and past the separation phase), this may be the package for you. Moving forward after divorce can be tricky... and chances are things have changed a bit since you met your ex. I’ll help you with dating advice, relationship pointers, AND I’ll help you write your online dating profile. (After all, I am a writer and know all the new tricks!)

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Doing Divorce Right

Let’s be honest for a sec: co-parenting is HARD. You have to be flexible, accessible, and kind. That’s why this package is all about making this tough transition as easy as possible for your kids. Personally, the tools I’ve received through have helped me SO MUCH in learning how to clearly communicate with my ex... which is why I’m sharing their online tool with you. It’s designed to help separated and divorced parents communicate, manage, and organize your everyday co-parenting responsibilities. Together, we’ll help you save money, stay out of court, and make the best decisions for your kiddos!

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