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Dating Mistakes Men Make

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Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them. Men. But we can train them! (I kid…kinda.) Seriously, don’t you think we can just give them a little help so they don’t lose a great girl, offend an amazing woman…or turn-off a kick-ass catch? The answer is YES! (After all, that is my job, y’all.) And why you ask am I the …

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My Teenager Hates Me…and I Don’t GiveAF

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  He looks like my kid. Sometimes he even acts like my kid. I swear he’s mine. But last week when I asked him to, please take out the trash, and he stared at me like I had asked him to climb Mt.Everest naked…I had my doubts. I wanted to collect a blood sample and have him DNA tested! This …

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Batman Lives

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I try to leave. I’ve tried a million times. I break up with him. I say we will never work. He’s not my “type.” I make a list of why we shouldn’t be together; I bad mouth him to my friends…convincing myself we have no future. I fight with him to test us; not even knowing I’m doing it. But I …