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Truth is Power

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This is not a “pity blog”. I’m not looking for calls or messages. I don’t want any cards or shout-outs about how “it could be worse” or “I’ve got this” because right about now, I don’t really agree. I don’t “have this” and it’s truly all relative. Oh, and by the way…I hate Google. Sorry, for those of you who …

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It’s Not Easy Being Honest

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Can I be real with you for a second? Releasing a book is SUPER emotional–especially when you’re as brutally honest as I am. You know I have zero shame when it comes to sharing the gritty details of what it looks like to be divorced…and why you should cherish your marriage. But it’s been a whirlwind since my new book …

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Life Must Go On

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I can’t breathe. I can barely talk. I can hardly swallow…. But life must go on. Absolutely everything about being sick just sucks. When I was little, I used to “fake” sick so I could miss school or act sick so I could get out of certain things I didn’t want to do….like piano practice or lunch with my Grandma. …

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In My Humble Opinion…

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It’s not an easy thing to do–to peel back the curtain between what you think divorce will be like and the shitshow it really is. (Because even when you have a happy divorce, it still turns absolutely everything upside down.) This book has not been easy to write and I KNOW it won’t be easy to hear. But it’s necessary and I felt compelled to do it.

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Scared Shitless

In The Truth, Top 3 by Jennifer15 Comments

So, I have this tumor. (How’s that for an opening line to a blog post?) I have a tumor. Wow. Well, you know me! I’ve never been one for beating around the bush or sugar-coating stuff… I’m more of a “hold the bullshit” type of gal. (Wink, wink.) “It is not a tumor!” She says in her best Arnold Schwarzenegger …